My Two Cents

by Annie Mullee

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released June 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Annie Mullee Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: I Don't Wanna Know
I don't wanna talk, cause I don't wanna know
What you do with her when you go where you go
You said you always wanted me but if that's really true
Why do you put me on hold whenever she calls you?
Truth is I don't care like you do
But you won't give up, you'll keep on trying, won't you?
And why?
You could have her in the blink of an eye,
But I'm not caving

I don't wanna know if you think I'm beautiful
In the end sorry but I'm not your girlfriend
I don't wanna know if you think I'm hot at all
You just make me feel small
I don't wanna talk no

If you two really were as distant as you said you were
Why can't you even look at me when you're in front of her?
You look at me like I'm a trophy that your charm will win
If that were true then don't you wonder why I don't give in?
Don't tell me you care, baby I've been there
You're just looking for some fun
But didn't your daddy ever tell you boy that it's illegal to hit and run


If you think that i think of you then think again
Haven't lost any sleep and I haven't lost my head
Take a hint don;t you know when to quit
If this were a game it's me who would win
But life's not a gam this isn't a race
And being a player won't get you first place cause
I'm not the girl that you text at eleven
I'm the kind of girl you should be picking up at seven
But I don't wanna talk no

Track Name: 17
Teenage girls hated by the whole world
Because they love a popstar or a TV show or a slang word
They should call high school a masquerade
Because everyone is so afraid that they're fake
There's a boy I know who says he's fine
But when you get him alone he's broken on the inside
Trying to fit in is so complicated
And Adults don't remember how they felt in September

They say, You're only 17
Life's too short the grass is green
But they don't see what I have seen
Teenagers can be so mean

Next time you talk about another girl
Maybe you should figure out what it's like to live in her world
Seems to be a problem everyone ignores
Because the kids who need to scream and shout are silent all the more
So many kids call the hallway hell
So many kids can;t break out of their shell
Can't escape from the guilded age of broken hearts and football games


Yes we're only 17 look how messed up our world can be
Kids would rather die than be who they are
And we let it get this far
Why do kids bring guns to school?
Why are things so complicated?
Beautiful lives are devastated
Because of the status quo
And nobody seems to know

They say, you're only 17no one takes us seriously
They don't see what I have seen, teenagers can be so mean
And love is really all we need
Affection, attention a sense of direction
Then maybe one day this world will see us being simply 17
Track Name: Funny Things
When we were little we once said
We'd grow up to be best friends
I was 6 and you were four
I still remember sitting on your bedroom floor
Of that old house where we grew up
And sometimes people they split up but we never did even before we really knew what crazy is
But when we finally found out
I knew you'd be with me no doubt

We do lots of funny things
We laugh at ourselves tryin to sing
With the windows down
Actin like we own the town
We call each other different names
Just to confuse everyone else around
Through all the pain somehow
We make our own glory days

Middle school times were rough
So we stayed home together when it got tough
you're the one person I knew would never ever forget me
When we ran out of DVDs we'd sing on that karaoke machine
All the hits were my bitch and you were a dancing queen
And when times got hard
We could always pretend to be rock stars

And we do lots of funny things
2 am and I'm driving to the bakery cause neither of us could sleep
Try sneaking out and then get caught there's nothing fun bout that roof top anyway we'll always be okay
Cause nothings ever boring on these days

We might be older now
But I still feel like I'm 11 somehow
When we sing every word to a Beatles song
And take that road trip 8 hours long
And when other good things come to an end
You're the one on whom I depend to make me forget
I can always bet that we can escape the world when we want to just you and me
Track Name: Too Close
You thought you were hot shit boy
Walking around treating girls like toys
You thought you could walk right in
Turn on that grin, let me kick you in the shin
Cause you're so overrated
I'm so glad we never dated

You're no heartbreaker if you don't have my heart to break
You would kiss and tell and I almost fell yeah big mistake
Cause almost was way too close
but for you I'll always be the one that got away

You like to string girls along
But you forgot that I write songs
About boys just like you
Now everyone you know knows that we are through
And don't think for a second that I
Won't move on to a better guy
Cause every time you said whatever
Showed me I could do much better

Now I'm that psycho bitch
I bet you'll tell your friends all of this
But I don't really care 'cause I've been there before
Now baby I can see the best thing you ever did for me
Was walk right our that door
Track Name: Optimism
The sun shines brightly in the sky
And I ask myself why
I'm not a bird so I could learn to fly
And the world seems so clear to me now
When hopeful youth is gone colors fade out
I remember a time I thought I'd overcome my greatest doubts

When I believed that my wildest dreams would come true
When I could see forever when I looked at you
When I thought that Love would be all we need
But optimism is a prison to me

When you realize that life's a tougher crowd than you though it would be
And you're forced to make peace with reality
And my life's not a story book by any means
But singing melancholy melodies
Won't get me where I truly need to be
I'm sorry I can't be all you dreamed I'd be


When faith was endless when hard work was repaid
When trust seemed worth it, mistakes were seldom made
And I'm my toughest critic, Why don't I believe anymore?
God doesn't seem forgiving
When all he does is close another door

Track Name: Run Run Run
Maybe there'll be heartbreak in boston
Maybe there is pain in LA
Hope that there is love in San Francisco
All I know is I've gotta get away

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic
Maybe I'm just being naive
Hope my dreams come true in the worst way
But for now I've got to got to get free

Run run run pick up your feet
Get your life off of repeat
Stuck in love or stuck hung up
Leave your head take your heart and a couple bucks
Get up get out someway somehow
Take the keys to the car and an old guitar
Leave behind that old self doubt
Leave out friends that left you out
Run run run get up get out

You see I've gotta make a change
And go where no one knows my name
And every mistake I've ever made now it's time to make my great escape
I've exhausted possibilities
There's nothing left here for me
Given up on lost dreams
I love you but it's time to leave
Run run run get yourself free

And I know that the world isn't mine
But I'll conquer one dream at a time
My backs up against the ropes so all I can do now is try

Run run run get up get out
Run run run let go of doubt
Run run run chase that dream
Run run run get yourself free