I Don't Wanna Know

from by Annie Mullee

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Written in 2012, performed first in 2013, later arranged and recorded through garageband


I don't wanna talk, cause I don't wanna know
What you do with her when you go where you go
You said you always wanted me but if that's really true
Why do you put me on hold whenever she calls you?
Truth is I don't care like you do
But you won't give up, you'll keep on trying, won't you?
And why?
You could have her in the blink of an eye,
But I'm not caving

I don't wanna know if you think I'm beautiful
In the end sorry but I'm not your girlfriend
I don't wanna know if you think I'm hot at all
You just make me feel small
I don't wanna talk no

If you two really were as distant as you said you were
Why can't you even look at me when you're in front of her?
You look at me like I'm a trophy that your charm will win
If that were true then don't you wonder why I don't give in?
Don't tell me you care, baby I've been there
You're just looking for some fun
But didn't your daddy ever tell you boy that it's illegal to hit and run


If you think that i think of you then think again
Haven't lost any sleep and I haven't lost my head
Take a hint don;t you know when to quit
If this were a game it's me who would win
But life's not a gam this isn't a race
And being a player won't get you first place cause
I'm not the girl that you text at eleven
I'm the kind of girl you should be picking up at seven
But I don't wanna talk no



from My Two Cents, released June 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Annie Mullee Cincinnati, Ohio

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