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from by Annie Mullee

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Welcome to the funeral of all my buried hopes
I hope you'll lay a rose down too
Here I am can you just find me again
Or are we too broken are those dreams dead too
All the metaphors in the world
Can't restore to you the girl you lost by playing it on the safe side
You just won't swallow your pride
And I'll use youth as my alibi to hide behind

And it's the sad sappy truth of a slow sweet ballad that the writer is not the winner
I pushed too hard you pull away so now I'm no saint but you're my sinner

So what is fairness in all of this
Maybe I'm wrong for putting you in this song
But then again you must have given me a reason
To stay up all night with a paper and a pen
And we are toxic and we both know it but it's useless to pretend this is the end
Cause we're scared of being alone
But not too foolish to let it show

I'm not too proud to beg you just a little too scared to try
I'd do anything if you asked me to
But the one who's too scared to fight
I wish that I could let you you go
I wish I wasn't clutching so tightly to something long ago gone bad
Here's a penny for your thoughts even the ones you think I ought to not know because I've given up on getting mad

It's the sad sappy truth of a slow sweet ballad that the minute I play you'll be scared away
This is what it comes to
A broken mixtape for you
As I try to find the words to say so I just play

What is fairness in all of this
It seems fair to me to be as cruel as you can be
And just tell me honestly
Or are you too afraid to get your hands dirty cause you'll play with my heart but you won't rip it apart get none of the blame but all the bloody
And we are toxic when were intoxicated and everyone's warnings are all predated
Or predicated on how you were medicated that night find a way to take away the meaning you claim to want when all you want in your life but I'll still be the highlight
I'll still run through your mind
Cause you're scared of being alone and you run like hell cause you know I know

So welcome to the funeral of what might have been
I'll leave it to you to throw dirt on the grave
I asked you if you can just find me again
So here's the shovel to seal our fate


from My Two Cents, released June 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Annie Mullee Cincinnati, Ohio

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